Accoya sustainable wood

Artisan Projects is an approved manufacturer of Accoya:
A new way of thinking about wood”

Here at Artisan Projects we are proud to offer Accoya modified wood, where appropriate for your commercial or domestic project.

Accoya offers outstanding performance when it comes to durability, stability, versatility and sustainability.

Sustainably sourced from certified forests, non toxic, fully biodegradable and with a low total lifetime carbon cost, Accoya actively contributes to a circular, bio-based economy.

To produce Accoya, fast-growing, abundantly available timber is transformed through a proprietary acetylation process. The result is a high performing product with sustainability credentials that greatly exceed those of slow growing and often unsustainable hardwoods, as well as many other carbon intensive, depleting materials such as plastics, aluminium and concrete.

The FSC certified timber used is harvested responsibly from well managed forests that are continuously replenished, ensuring that there is no damage to the surrounding environment, or to native wildlife. At the end of its life, Accoya can be handled in the same manner as untreated wood – re-use and up-cycling is recommended.

You will enjoy the beautiful, natural appearance of Accoya wood for many decades. Coatings look great and last longer. Low maintenance and easy to care for, saving time and money. It also offers freedom of design, with the ability to create a variety of textural finishes.

Accoya brings unprecedented reliability for timber, with minimal movement, shrinkage, swelling or distortion. The production process does not weaken the original wood – in fact, its hardness is slightly improved and its strength is uncompromised. Highly durable, it withstands any climate with a 50 year above ground, and 25 year below ground and freshwater warranty.